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Haiti Prayer Need

Please share this VERY URGENT prayer request from Sarah Shaferly on the OMS Haiti field.

Mimy Muisa Kambere, Public Health Promoter for Oxfam in Haiti and in charge of the early assessment of the cholera outbreak in Carrefour declared “The current cholera outbreak in the Carrefour area is far worse than the one registered in November. At that time, there were a maximum of 900 reported cases of cholera per week.   Now, over 300 new cases are registered every single day.”

She stressed that “However, the number of casualties is far lower than we saw in November as people are able to get help faster.”  ”The first cases of this new outbreak originated in a community South of Port-au-Prince, in a mountainous area, near a river.  This area lacks access to sanitary facilities and there is very little available drinking water.  The arrival of the heavy rains last week facilitated the spread of the bacteria into the local water sources, which may have caused the spread of the bacteria” said Mimy Muisa Kambere.

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Prayer need in Haiti – Radio 4VEH

From Radio 4VEH, The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti

Please PRAY today: we urgently need a piece of equipment to arrive (it’s still on its way to Florida, then needs to be flown into Haiti) so that we can broadcast live the Franklin Graham Festival of Hope taking place this Sunday in Port-au-Prince, so that Radio 4VEH listeners across Haiti hear the message of Hope in Jesus Christ. Thanks for your prayers!

Haiti Festival Live Web Broadcast
Watch the Franklin Graham Festival of Hope in Haiti live online this
Sunday, January 9 at 1:30 p.m. ET

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Kate Michel, Radio 4VEH

Cholera Epidemic in Haiti

Haiti sceneThe Ministry of Health reported that as of Friday, November 12th, there had been 917 deaths and more than 14,600 were hospitalized with cholera-like symptoms.

The disease has been found in 6 of Haiti’s 10 provinces, known as departments, and is most severe where it originated, in Artibonite, which accounts for nearly two-thirds of the deaths.

OMS has much work in Haiti, with many missionaries and Haitian partners in need of prayer.

Someone from the OMS’s Bethesda Medical Center, was at Souffriere over the weekend, they have had over 30 people who have died there in the past week. Dr rodney spoke in the the clinic today about Cholera, he feels the only solution is prayer.  Haiti has all the conditions which enable cholera to spread rapidly….however we have a GOD who can change Everything…..please keep praying.

Also, at Radio 4VEH, OMS’s Evangelistic Voice of Haiti, many of our radio staff could not make it to the radio station today because of tensions in Cap Haitien and surrounding areas over cholera outbreak and mounting fears as elections due on Nov 28th.  Please pray in the next days for protection, provision (of supplies) and God’s hand to be on the election process and leader elected.    Our God is Greater.

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Hearing their cry: The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church – November 14, 2010

On Sunday, November 14, join with thousands of Christians worldwide in prayer for the Persecuted Church.   Mark your calendars, inform your churches, and tell your friends about this unique opportunity to pray for your persecuted Christian family and remind suffering believers that they are neither forgotten nor abandoned.

To find out more information about IDOP 2010 and special resources designed to help you get involved, please visit:

Update on Ellen Saufley

Below is an update on Ellen Saufley, former OMS missionary to Haiti.

They have been giving her therapy hoping that she would be able to get back on her feet and walk, at least with a walker.  So far this hasn’t happened, but they’re still working on it.   It’s a blessing to walk into her room and find her cheerful and responsive when for several weeks she seemed to be more in a stupor than conscious.   She still has the dementia so we’re not always sure what she’s talking about or how much she can mentally process what we tell her.

Since I knew I could not take her home in her present condition, I have applied for a cottage on the MH campus.  Although my brother, his wife and my sister have been working on that house for almost a month and moving things in here little by little, yesterday I officially moved.  My new address is:  160 D, Menno Village, Chambersburg, PA  17201.  My telephone number remains the same:  (717) 263-8254.

This will enable me to keep closer contact with Ellen without having to drive across the city to see her–all I have to do is walk up the hill and in the back door of the nursing home.   At this point the cottage is a mess of boxes and bags everywhere, but I hope that by the end of the week things will have a much more semblance of order.

A sincere thanks for all the prayers–they have helped immeasurably in all we have been through the past three months.

Sincerely in Him,

Aldean Saufley

Update on Ellen Saufley

Ellen has been in ManorCare since we sent her down here on July 28 from Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewistown. She “flunked” her rehab because her combined pain and dementia kept her from effectively participating in the exercise sessions which were designed to restore her mobility, and the insurance canceled its support of her treatment because she wasn’t making enough progress.

Realizing that with the combination of dementia and her inability to get around and wait on herself I would likely never be able to bring her home and care for her here, I contacted Menno Haven, a Mennonite-founded Christian retirement community which has three campuses here in Chambersburg–all of them within two miles of where we are living–to see if I could get Ellen in there for long-term care. Karen Maclay, their marketing director took me on a tour of their facility at Menno Village and then suggested that I apply to put Ellen in the nursing unit of that facility and, since I am only renting here, she suggested that I apply to move into one of the small cottages on the same campus for independent living. That arrangement would not be available at ManorCare which has only rehab and long-term nursing care. I made my application to Menno Haven and last week Karen notified me that the board had accepted us as new residents of Menno Village. She suggested that we first get Ellen settled into the nursing facility and then she would find a cottage for me. The administrator for the nursing facility was out over the Labor Day holiday, but on September 7 she called me to get the ball rolling. It has taken them some time to get the information they needed and process it, but she called me yesterday to tell me that they want to get Ellen into their facility as soon as possible.

However, Monday’s events put a different twist on the whole thing. That morning one of the attendants at ManorCare called to say that Ellen had been vomiting blood and they were taking her to the hospital emergency room. Later in the morning I went over and sat beside Ellen’s bed in the emergency suite. A doctor came in to announce that he was admitting her to the hospital and was planning, among other things, to give her a blood transfusion. I sat with her, hoping to see her admitted to her room, but at 1:00 I had to leave her because I had an appointment with our family doctor for my four-month check-up. When I told our family doctor about how much Ellen’s dementia had increased since the accident, he responded, “That’s not the way dementia normally works; I am wondering if they missed something with their CT scan at Lewisburg. I’m going to contact her doctor at the nursing home and suggest that he do another CT scan to see if there is possible bleeding on the brain that might be causing her present bad dementia.” Monday night I got a call from the doctor who was subbing for the nursing home doctor on his day off. During our phone conference I told her what my family doctor had suggested and she said she was going to order another CT scan for Ellen. I understood that they planned to do that yesterday afternoon, but have heard nothing about it.  Later Monday evening I got a call from the ICU that they were having trouble putting an IV in Ellen and asking permission to install a direct line.

Tuesday morning I went to see Ellen and sat with her for about three hours. Just as I was ready to leave a doctor came and discussed inserting a camera to determine the cause of the blood-vomiting escapade. He scheduled that for this morning but the nurse called before 8:00 to say that the doctor was postponing the procedure because of a problem with Ellen’s heart function.

When my family doctor learned that I was planning to put Ellen at Menno Haven, he suggested that we contact the Social Worker at the hospital and tell her that’s where we want Ellen sent when she is discharged, rather than back to ManorCare. The Administrator at Menno Haven said she would take care of that matter with the Social Worker at the Hospital, so after lunch yesterday I stopped in at ManorCare, said goodbye to several of their staff who have been caring for Ellen and picked up her things and came home.

Thanks for all the prayer support!


Update on Ellen Saufley

Ellen Saufley, former OMS Missionary to Haiti, continues her recovery from a fall more than a month ago.   Aldean indicated that Ellen is in a Nursing Home in the area and is not responding very well to rehab.  Aldean is working on some long-term solutions for her care.

Please continue to pray for Ellen for healing and Aldean as he works out many care issues .

If you would like to write them a note or send them a card, below is their address and e-mail address.

Aldean Saufley
112 Sequoia Court
Chambersburg,  PA  17201

Pray for Ellen Saufley

As many of you may know, Ellen Saufley, former OMS Missionary to Haiti, fell several weeks ago.  It was determined that she has a cracked pelvis and has been in considerable pain.  Ellen also suffers from some dementia which is making matters worse.  Aldean, her husband, thanks everyone for holding them up in prayer during these days.

There have been some complications this week with their insurance but that appears to be resolved at this point in time.

Continue to lift Ellen and Aldean up in your prayers.

If you would like to write them a note, below is their address and e-mail address.

Aldean Saufley
112 Sequoia Court
Chambersburg,  PA  17201

Prayer for family of Gene Lain

Continue to pray for the family of Gene Lain, former OMS missionary to Haiti, who went to be with the Lord on Sunday, August 1, 2010.   Gene and Elaine Lain served with OMS for almost 24 years.

In addition to his wife Elaine, he is survived by three sons, Michael Lain of Springfield, Ohio, Donald Lain and his wife, Nancy of Coshocton, Ohio, and Larry Lain his wife, Verna, also of Coshocton.  Also surviving are four grandsons, Jeromy, Matthew, Brian and Nathan; and seven granddaughters, Abigail, Karah, Hannah, Rachel, Christa, Lauren and Emma.

The following is a tribute to Gene Lain, by OMS President David Long:

A Tribute to Clinton Eugene Lain

May 4, 1933—August 1, 2010

Clinton Eugene Lain was born on May 4, 1933, in Cherryvale, Kansas. Until he was 12 years old, no one in his family attended church. But then over a six-month period, they were all converted and joined the church. The next year on Thanksgiving Day, Gene felt God’s call to missionary service, but it took several years before he dedicated his life to the Lord and allowed the Holy Spirit to take control. He graduated from Mount Carmel, a Christian high school, and then attended Kentucky Mountain Bible College, where he graduated in 1954 with a diploma in missions. He studied in the pre-med program at Asbury College and earned a B.A. degree in chemistry and biology. However, rather than going on to medical school, Gene went into the pastorate and over the course of 11 years served in three different churches. For five of those years, he also worked as a chemist for Great Lake Pipeline. Hard work was not new to Gene since he had worked his way through college as a carpenter and brick mason.

Gene and Gladys Elaine Milliron met at Asbury College and were married on August 22, 1956. Elaine worked on her A.B. in elementary education while Gene directed a rescue mission in Kansas City, Missouri.

When they moved to Maine to take over the pastorate of a church, Gene drew up the plans for a new church building, and together, Gene and Elaine constructed the rafters for it. After waiting for eight years, they received the disappointing news that they were not accepted by their church’s mission board for overseas service. Not to be totally distracted by the rejection, Gene decided to get further education and worked on a master’s degree in theology at Olivet Nazarene College, which he completed in 1969. While he was working on a doctorate at Temple University in Pennsylvania, Gene and Elaine applied for missionary service with One Mission Society after reading in the OMS Missionary Standard (now OMS Outreach) of their need for teachers in Haiti. Their call to missions was strong, and they were open to God’s leading as to where He would have them serve, whether in Haiti or somewhere else. Along with their three sons, Michael, Donald and Larry, Gene and Elaine joined the OMS family in Haiti in July 1975 after spending 10 months in language school in France. Gene taught in the vocational school and served as the principal for a number of years. Gene’s life and ministry impacted many young Haitians as he trained them and gave them a good foundation on which to build their lives and ministries.

From November 1986 to June 1990, Gene and Elaine were assigned to the Asbury Student Center in Wilmore, Kentucky, and did an excellent job relating to the students and impacting their lives for missions, recruiting many for short-term trips to mission fields. During that time, Gene also studied at Asbury Theological Seminary and began working on a doctor of missiology degree, which he received in May 1998.

In the meantime, they ministered again in Haiti from December 1990 to October 1993, when they were reassigned as associate regional directors in the Northeast. They officially retired from OMS in June 1998, but remained active in sharing missions with young and old alike and continued to visit Haiti for special assignments or to take teams there for ministry. Gene was honored to be one of the three men who broke ground for the new seminary campus in 2005.

Our love reaches out to you, Elaine, Mike, Don, Larry and families as you mourn the loss of your husband, father and grandfather. But we rejoice with you as we know that Gene is now in a much better place, having awakened in heaven, and has heard His Savior say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Be assured of the prayers of the OMS family around the world.

Because Christ lives,

David Long, President

One Mission Society

OMS Haiti Prayers

(Aug 11-17, 2010 Requests)

Thank God for the 28 children at Cambefort and 26 children at LaFlo that prayed to receive Christ during a two-day vacation Bible school.  Pray that each light that was lit will become bright flames in these dark areas.

Pray for a recently widowed woman with 10 children who prayed to receive Christ.  Her husband was a witch doctor and died several months ago after accepting Christ.  His practice was their source of income.

Pray for the medical and dental clinics to be able to cover their monthly budgets.  People need the medical services but do not come to the clinics because they have no money.  Thank God for the new x-ray machine being used in the medical clinic.

Pray for God to provide for the widows, orphans and refugee families needing food and shelter all over Haiti.  Ask God to miraculously provide for them, and pray that they would realize it is God providing.  Pray for good to come to all of Haiti since the January 12 earthquake.

Ask God to provide 2,000 sponsors of Starfish Kids so they can attend school beginning in September.  Pray for the August teacher training seminar, especially the training sessions on “creative discipline in the classroom” that it will be understood and put into practice.

(These requests came from the weekly OMS prayer sheet.)

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